Opposition Politician Lim Tean Criticizes Health Minister Gan Kim Yong And Calls Him Daft

Opposition politician Lim Tean has taken to his Facebook post to criticise Gan Kim Yong and the Health Ministry for his recent statement about the possibility of lowering Singapore’s DORSCON Orange Level as the world grapples with the Covid19 virus, as well as the Government’s decision to ban all South Koreans from Daehu and Cheongdo from coming into Singapore.

In the statement that Lim Tean took offense to, Minister Gan was reported as saying that if the Covid-19 virus continues to spread even more widely internationally, then the Government may lower Singapore’s DORSCON level, which was raised to orange in early February. In a recent press conference, Mr Gan said that should the international outbreak intensify, then Singapore may have to loosen its border control measures. “If it has become quite a widespread community transmission all over the world, and a lot of these border control measures may no longer be useful, we may begin to remove some of these border controls if it becomes apparent that every country is going to have transmission,” he explained.

Lim Tean questions the validity of this decision, as this opens up Singaporeans chances of getting affected, when obviously we are handling the situation better than the rest of the world. Lim Tean felt that this decision just showed that the Government was more concerned with trying to keep the economy running uninterrupted, rather than the health and safety of Singaporeans.

Lim Tean also took aim at the decision to ban only South Koreans who had been in Daehu and Cheongdo, indicating that the Covid19 is affecting the whole of South Korea, so technically, all South Korean travelers should be banned from entering Singapore, citing Hong Kong and Israel, two countries that have banned South Koreans from entering. Furthermore, Lim Tean questioned how the Singaporean Government could guarantee that South Koreans who have recently traveled to Cheongdo and Daegu would not enter Singapore, seeing as it is that their passports would not have said they have visited these two areas recently before coming over to Singapore.

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