Lee Bee Wah Not Shy, Quotes Liverpool Anthem In Praising DPM Heng

It does seem the PAP MPs are falling over themselves in Parliament to praise Finance Minister Heng Sweek Keat on his Budget delivery, as well as to of course, score points with DPM Heng and PM-In-Waiting. The clear winner, it does seem, has to be MP Lee Bee Wah.

In her cannot make it English, as she rounded up praising Heng, she took to quoting the anthem of football team Liverpool, You’ll Never Walk Alone. She said, in as straight a face as a clown could maintain, “Perhaps my thoughts will be best expressed by quoting the lyrics from the Liverpool FC song about when you’re walking through a storm. Hold your head up high. Don’t be afraid of the dark because at the end of the storm, there’s a golden sky.”

In keeping with her comedic efforts to carry balls, Lee then added that it was not her intention to sing the song as she “did not want to empty the house”. She then ended her recitation of the Liverpool anthem, “But I have this to say to DPM — walk on walk on with hope in your heart, and you will never walk alone. You will never walk alone. Mr Speaker, sir, I support the budget.”

Wonder if that is one of the reasons the company she owns can be in charge of the projects in her own constituency. No worries. There is no conflict of interest.

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