Bangladeshi FTs Eyeing Return Home, As SG Suffers From Covid19

ChannelnewsAsia’s report on Tuesday indicated that most Bangladeshi workers in Singapore are considering a return to their home, rather than staying on and working in Singapore. This comes after 5 Bangladeshi workers were confirmed to have tested positive with Covid19, with one in critical condition. It was reported that at the favourite hangout of the Bangladeshi workers, somewhere in a corner of Little India, many have left Singapore or been told to avoid crowds after a coronavirus outbreak infected some Bangladeshi construction workers, thinning out the normally bustling thoroughfare.

The fear is inherent on the Bangladeshis, as they often live in crowded, cramped conditions – and their families thousands of miles away who want them to return home. So, as most consider their stay in Singapore, a question does need answering. With the potential exodus of the Bangladeshi workers, with many of them working in the construction industry, will the industry then be affected with a lower number of workforce? A very big lesson here to not be overly reliant on foreigners to fill jobs. When the shit hits the fan many of them will want to go back to their country, as evidenced by this CNA report.

“We’re staying for now, but maybe if the situation worsens then we will go back too,” said one Bangladesh FT, speaking in Bengali alongside a few colleagues.

Bangladesh’s high commission in Singapore said it has been trying to stop people from leaving by contacting them online and visiting dormitories to hand out masks, hand sanitiser and leaflets about the virus printed in their native language.

“We are becoming a bit proactive to stop them leaving the country… to assure them that this is not something we should be excessively or illogically fearful about,” High Commissioner Mustafizur Rahman told Reuters.”

The question is, will they listen? After all, family and health is more important than money.

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