SIA Freezes Hiring Of New Staff, Current Ones May be Asked To Take No-Pay Leave

The Covid-19 virus has affected many people outside of those who have been infected themselves. Staff from the hotel and tourism sector have been badly hit, as this two sectors are facing a huge decrease in their earnings. Apart from that, taxi drivers and private hire drivers are also badly affected, with their daily earnings reportedly not even enough to cover rental and petrol costs.

Now it seems major companies in Singapore are facing up to the crunch too. Singapore Airlines (SIA) has just announced that they are putting a staff hiring freeze in place, while also considering other measures to take in light of their declining business revenues. SIA had already announced in early February that they were canceling selected flights due to the low demand during the Covid-19 outbreak. These cancellations will result in a 7.1 per cent decrease in their scheduled capacity between February until the end of May of this year.

While no official word has come out from SIA on this, media reports has indicated that the additional measures mentioned could include the possibility of asking staff to take voluntary no-pay leave. Times are bad indeed if even our national carrier has to take such drastic measures as staff hiring freeze and asking staff to volunteer for no-pay leave.

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