Italians and South Koreans Are Also Panic Buying In Supermarkets, Are They Idiots?

How fast can things change in a space of a week. Last week, the most virus hit area outside of China was Japan and Singapore, and that one virus laden cruise ship. Suddenly, this week, the world has been shocked by the rapidly increasing numbers of Covid19 infected people in South Korea and Italy.

In South Korea, because of one super spreader who had refused to seek medical help and continued mingling with the general population, numbers of total infected person rising suddenly to 833 infected and seven deaths. In Italy, there are now 142 infected cases, and 2 deaths, making Italy the worse hit country in Europe. Things had gotten so bad in Italy that even their near neighbours, Austria, had banned a train from Italy from entering Austria.

With this sudden increase of cases on Italy and South Korea, there were also reports that the towns in these two countries that were badly affected have seen the residents panic buying in supermarket, causing essential items to basically run out. So,based on our Ah Beng Minister Chan Chun Sing, these people in South Korea and Italy should be called idiots too? After all, they are panic buying, just the same as people in Hong Kong and Singapore.

If only Chan Chun Sing would would comment on the situation in China and South Korea. After all, he is a straight talking minister, to hell with being politically correct with these other nations, right? Or is he too busy back slapping himself for getting tremendous praise for daring to say it like it is in an Ah Beng way of speaking?

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