According To The Disciplinary Tribunal, LKY Not Lucid Enough By December 2013, So Why Was He Still An MP?

Singaporeans got a different dose of hot news on Sunday, when instead of reading about yet more Covid-19 infections, it is the Lee family saga that was front page news. In fact, the local papers dedicated three whole pages to the saga.This time around, as expected by everyone in Singapore, the Disciplinary Tribunal has found Lee Hsien Yang’s wife, Lee Suet Fern, to be deceitful, as she was alleged to have misled LKY in his will.

If we follow closely the Disciplinary Tribunal’s findings, it would mean that LKY was not lucid enough to fully understand and comprehend the contents and implications of a 4-page will in 2013. If that were actually true, it does raise the question of how he was allowed to serve as the MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC. History would show that LKY remained an MP for Tanjong Pagar until his very last days in March 2015. So that does mean that for at least one whole year, he went with the title of an MP without the capacity to understand what was happening around him by then. That is the logic the Disciplinary Tribunal is painting.

LKY will never lose the respect his past contributions to Singapore has afforded him, heck, Singapore would be nothing without him. But this is a very serious question that needed to be asked. It is honestly concerning if we have active Members of Parliament who cannot comprehend and understand a simple 4-page will. There are no two ways about it. LKY was either lucid enough to know what he was doing or he should not have served as an MP. If he was lucid, then Lee Suet Fern did nothing wrong. If he truly wasn’t lucid, then he should not have been allowed to continue as an MP.

Also, if LKY was not lucid, why did he voluntarily make a codicil to the Will some time after signing it? If he was truly misled, wouldn’t he have revoked the Will? The facts are there for all Singaporeans to mull over. Let’s just see who is trying to mislead who in this family saga. After all, trying to get one’s way in a family feud by using the State’s resources always ensures you have a better chance of winning. History is written by those in power.

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