Chan Chun Sing’s “Idiotic” Speech Gets International Coverage, Does Not Present A Good Image For SG

Chan Chun Sing’s speech at the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce closed door event, which was anonymously leaked to the wider public, has, not surprisingly, finally been picked up by foreign media. One of the media that picked up on his less than stellar speech in Singlish was a Honk Kong publicaiton.

The Translated headline was “Singapore Ministers says Hongkongers are idiots.” Of course, as everyone knows, newspapers and tabloids will come up with headlines that will incite some kind of adverse reactions from their readers. This is how they sell their papers, whether the headlines are a true reflection of what was said or not.

But Chan Chun Sing has put himself in this position all of his own doing. He did not think through the consequences of his supposedly straight talking speech. After all, why would a Minister speak in such a way at a closed door event? He was not talking to his close friends in a private event. While it’s true that the panic buying is unnecessary, there is no need for a Minister to resort to such derogatory words when speaking in his capacity as the Minister of Trade and Industry. This does not put Singapore in a good light, especially in terms of bilateral relations.

Even more impertinent is Chan’s usage of the same words on the nationals of a foreign jurisdiction, which could create friction with S’pore. Chan‘s nonchalance at the storm generated by his talk and the support from his camp only show they exist in a bubble of faux and laughable sense of moral and intellectual superiority and severe lack of empathy. He does not realise what he did was wrong at all levels, and even if he did read the backlash against him, Chan and his minions would still think the backlash was because of anti-PAP sentiments, and not because of his shambolic speech.

To the dear Minister and his minions, they can do no wrong.

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