Why Are There People Who Still Thinks Chan Chun Sing Said Nothing Wrong In His Ah Beng Speech?

Chan Chun Sing’s 21 minute leaked audio recording of him berating Singaporeans who decided hoarding was a solution to the current virus heavy environment has drawn flak and praise in equal measures. While many average Singaporeans feel outrage at the way he speaks about the minority of kiasu Singaporean hoarders, there are still some, most likely the PAP Internet Brigade, who praised him for his straight talking act of bravado.

In fact, the way he spoke was more akin to an Army commander talking down to his lowly ranked men, who has no choice but to listen to his ranting and nod their heads in silence. This was no way a Minister, even in a closed door event, should be carrying himself. Certainly not in a Singlish heavy rant, which not only brings shame upon himself, but to Singapore in general. After all, wasn’t his PAP party the one that started the campaign for Singaporeans to speak proper English, and banish Singlish to the dustbins. This would be another failed PAP initiative then, when one of their own top Minister cannot remove himself from his Singlish.

But what is more disturbing than Chan’s rant in the leaked audio is how there seems to be many non-partisan people who see nothing wrong with what he said and how he said it almost as if they agree with all the negative things said about Singaporeans as being idiotic, stupid, and suckers. Where is the empathy and where is the understanding on why people want to get masks and why people worry and panicked when Orange alert came out? Always easy to be on a high horse to criticize the masses than to do deeper reflection and analysis to help improve the situation. Some seem to think it was ok for Chan to joke and make fun of the people. But this was not a mere kopitiam chat with friends. When Chan speaks, he represents the government, especially at a meeting with business people from SCCCI. How he speaks shows how he thinks of our people and his attitude as Minister vs People.

If our elected leaders think poorly of us and many fellow citizens also think like that it is no wonder more and more foreigners look down on us. If this sort of constant put downs continue where is the pride of being Singaporean? And what about the people’s morale? Does it not matter?

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