Netizen Compares Being Told Not Wearing Face Masks Now Is The Same As Generals Saying Don’t Wear Helmet During Battle

A widely circulated message have gain a huge following online, especially in the wake of Total Defense Day in Singapore on Sunday, and the messages that PAP Ministers have been regurgitating to Singaporeans, that is no need to wear a face mask if you are not sick.

This despite the fact that many medical experts, who are, of course experts in the medical field and are not politicians, saying that wearing a face mask is a good way to ensure we keep ourselves save from the spread of viruses, whether we are sick or not. This is further fueled by Singaporeans’s perception that there is not enough masks to go around in Singapore, as many shops have run out of facce masks on their shelves for a good few weeks now.

In the message, a netizen who called herself ‘Mabelline Goh’ compared the instructions of not wearing a mask as similar to a General instructing his men not to wear helmets, as they are going to get killed anyway, with or without a helmet. The message in full reads:

“When a General did not have enough bullet proof vests and helmet for his people but use rubbish stats to tell you your odds of getting shot in he head and getting killed are very low, you know. He will also tell you no need to wear helmet as the helmet cannot protect you against 7.62 bullets. He will not share stats on people without bullet proof vests and helmets, getting killed by fragments, shrapnel, 9mm or 5.56 bullets.

He will visit the battlefield with no vest and no helmet to show he is brave for a few minutes, surrounded by layers and layers of bodyguards and hundreds of photographers. He will then hide in his armour plated office car and hide in his nuclear bomb blast proof and biological poison proof aircon bunker 24 hours 7 days a week, surrounded by doctors, medicines, piles of best bullet proof vests and best Kevlar helmets”.

Sounds familiar?

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