WP Politician Questions Why AGC Does Not Need To Prove In Court A Statement Is False When POFMA Is Issued

Opposition politician from the Workers’ Party, Leon Perera, posted on his Facebook on the AGC and POFMA debate, insinuating that some thing is not quite right when the Attorney-General’s Chamber’s (AGC) argued that they do not need to prove in Singapore’s Courts that the statement on false when it issues a correction order.

This was AGC’s response to a High Court judge’s ruling that the Government must prove the falsity of a statement when its correction orders are challenged in Court. AGC insisted that the onus is on the party making the assertion to prove that the statements are true.

In effect, this shows how the AGC acts, where they will issue a POFMA on a party, and direct it to make a correction direction. And if that party wants to challenge the correction direction in Court, just as they are allowed to by Law, the party have to prove the statements are true, even though they are challenging the order. The defendant, in this case the AGC, would not have to do anything, as they insisted the Government does not have to prove the falsity of the statement beyond saying the statement is false.

It does seem like the Singaporean public will have to trust the Government to tell us what is true and what is false. Mr Perera simply ends his post by indicating that we live in interesting times.

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