Government Warns Landlords Against Improper Eviction Of Home Tenants, As 30,000 PRCs Yet To Return To SG

In a rare joint statement from three Ministries arising from issues related to the Wuhan virus, the Education Ministry, Manpower Ministry and the National Development Ministry have warned that landlords who evict tenants who are on home quarantine orders or Leave of Absence (LOA), or based on nationality during the Coronavirus situation could face themselves getting barred from renting their units to foreign work pass holders in the future.

This comes after the Ministries said that the government had received feedback about landlords evicting such tenants. The Ministries further stated that there are guidelines on how to deal with tenants on home quarantine and LOA, and there is no pressing need to evict such tenants. The Ministries further explained that these tenants are under quarantine or LOA just as precaution to protect Singaporeans from the spread of the virus, and that these people, who could be students or workers, are not necessarily infected themselves.

Most believe that the decision by landlords to evict tenants and why the government has issued warning against doing such things was because as Minister Josephine Teo said, there were still 30,000 PRCs work pass holders based in Singapore that has not returned back to Singapore ever since the virus broke out. So, any move to evict these high numbers would represent a huge problem of homelessness that the Government would not want to face.

So far, there have been 18 confirmed cases of the Wuhan virus in Singapore, with only 2 being local Singaporeans. All the cases had travel history to Wuhan.

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