Lawrence Wong Not Clear In His Statement About Quarantine Allowance, Now Says People Are Spreading Fake News

Minister Lawrence Wong has taken to Facebook to voice his unhappiness that people are quick to spread falsehoods about his earlier statement, where he announced that a $100 per day allowance would be given to all those who are quarantined.

In his Facebook post, he stated that it was regrettable that some people are spreading falsehood on this, as the quarantine allowance is not something new. The Singapore government had done the same thing during the SARS outbreak, and the allowance then was given to Singapore based employers to cover for their quarantined staff, and to self-employed Singaporeans and PRs under quarantine. The allowance were not given to tourists, as the whole point of the exercise was to help Singaporeans.

However, if Lawrence Wong’s speech on the Wuhan virus was to be scrutinized, nowhere in the interview did he said that the $100 allowance is not intended for the tourists. However, he did say clearly that it will be given to those who are in quarantine, presumably including the tourists who are in quarantine. After all, how can Singaporeans be expected to read his mind, or indeed, how can Singaporeans even be expected to remember what the allowance was like back during the SARS virus.

Minister Lawrence need to be more specific in his interviews and statements, and not expect Singaporeans to make their own conclusions. After all, isn’t that what the PAP are here for, to make the conclusions for Singaporeans? That’s what they have been doing all this time, forcing issues down Singaporean’s throats. So before accusing others of disseminating falsehoods, maybe the statement need to be ore specific and not opened to interpretations.

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