The Online Citizen Is The Latest Opposition Voice To Get POFMA

Minister S Iswaran recently said that it was just coincidence that the PAP’s newest, shiniest toy, POFMA, was issued to opposition politicians and voices. On Wednesday morning, Singapore saw yet another case of coincidence, as The Online Citizen (TOC) received a POFMA correction direction from a Minister.

On TOC’s Facebook, they indicated that their is currently facing some technical issues, and they are working to get it fixed. In the very same post, TOC also indicated that they had received a POFMA correction direction from the Minister of Home Affairs this morning, and has filed an application to the minister to cancel the direction. The Minister then has three days to consider the application before TOC can take the matter to the court.

The POFMA was issued to TOC due to them sharing the statement by Malaysia-based Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) in which they alleged stated “untrue, baseless and preposterous allegations about the use of unlawful methods in judicial executions conducted in Changi Prison” according to the MHA press release. Two others who shared the same LFL statement were also issued POFMA, according to the MHA press release. The two were another opposition voice Kirsten Han, and non-PAP controlled media, Yahoo Singapore Facebook.

It does seem PAP’s Ministers are busy at work sending out POFMA correction directions, just like sending wedding invitations.

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