Ang Mo Kio Town Council Should Be Taken To Task For Contaminated Water Tank

Why is it that such a big news as a contaminated water tank in an Ang Mo Kio HDB block was relegated to non-front page news in our local media? Is this not a big failure by a Town Council, a PAPrun one at that, that hydrocarbon contaminants are found in the water tanks? Imagine if this had happened in an Aljunied Hougang Town Council ward. The WP led TC would surely be taken to task by all the PAP MPs in Parliament and in the media.

But what this clearly shows in this contaminated water tanks issue is that the AMK Town Council has failed in their fiduciary duties again. AMKTC was involved earlier in a massive corruption scandal as their GM was sentenced last year to a total of 27 months’ jail, over corruption offences for 38 tenders and contracts worth $9.9mil. This was an even worse case than the one WP finds themselves involved in, but did the PAP MPs running AMKTC gets any mention at all? Nope.

Now they are involved in another massive scandal with amounts of hydrocarbons found in a Ang Mo Kio’s flat rooftop water tanks. It is not clear how long the residents have been exposed, and the amount of contaminated water that has been detected. The long-term health effects of exposure may include damage to kidney, liver and skin, and even low exposure has found to cause cancer, and have adverse reproductive and developmental effects. Of course, we will never know the long term health effects, until the long term has come to pass. But, why take the chance?

PUB said town councils are responsible for maintaining and cleaning water tanks at Housing Board blocks. Obviously then, the AMKTC are responsible. And by extension, the MPs that serve the AMKTC should also hold themselves accountable. But, what are the chances of MPs there admitting the liability owed to the residents? And does anyone think PM Lee himself would take action against himself and his fellow AMK Town Councillors?

It is very likely with the General election coming, PM Lee will likely keep silent about this and hope people would forget. Meanwhile, they will engage the mainstream media to downplay on this.

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