Heng Says Singapore Together Is New Singapore Way, Conveniently Just Before Elections Period

Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat said that the 4G leadership will now focus on the tag line of Singapore Together as the cornerstone of their policy making process, just as Singapore’s revered founding fathers use home ownership as their cornerstone in building Singapore from scratch.

Heng further clarified that when he said Singapore Together, he means a new model of partnership between the government and Singaporeans, in owning, shaping and acting on Singapore’s future. Heng elaborated that The Singapore Together movement is a platform by the fourth-generation leaders of the ruling People’s Action Party to allow regular citizens to play a part in the policymaking process in order to expand what former Deputy Prime Minister S. Rajaratnam described as “a democracy of deeds”.

Heng was speaking at the Singapore Perspectives 2020: Politics conference, which was organised by the Institute of Policy Studies. The event was attended by public servants, private sector leaders as well as people from the civic society.

All these talks are conveniently timed to seamlessly portray the Government as very open minded and working hand-in-hand with Singaporeans. Heng did not comment on the fact that GST will be raised in the near future, nor about the Reserved Presidency Election, nor on POFMA, or on the proposed 10m population, or CECA, or even about the rising in transportation, electricity and water bills, amongst many others. And these key policy changes were effected by the government without getting the thoughts of ordinary Singaporeans.

Singapore Together until after the Elections, then?

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