Years Without Lift Stopping At Every Floor In HDB Estate, SDP Fights For It, Gets Rejected, While PAP MP Is Taking Credit For Hard Work Of SDP

In a latest FB post on their website, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has claimed that residents of HDB blocks 115 to 119 have been waiting for years for the HDB to install lifts that will stop at every floor in their HDB blocks. However, the wait continue even after years of lobbying for one. This is of course the year 2020, where it is unheard of for a HDB block not to have lifts stopping at every floor.

According to the FB post, the residents’ request to be upgraded to facilities enjoyed by most other Singaporeans living in HDB flats have been met with brick walls, even after they appealed to their PAP MP Ong Teng Koon and even an appeal to the National Development Minister himself, Lawrence Wong.

SDP then provided information that they have met and talked with residence of the affected blocks, indicating their difficulties in getting home. These residents included a resident, who met with an accident and is now paralysed, and thus cannot climb the stairs and has to be carried down to the ground floor every time she goes out. They also cited an 84 year old resident, who has difficulties in climbing up and down stairs, and even an air stewardess, who had to let her luggage tumble down the stairs because it is too heavy to carry.

Thus, on the 4th of December last year, the SDP team decided to act and took up the matter and questioned Mr Lawrence Wong regarding the plight of the residents. The MND replied with the usual non-answer, saying that it would look into the matter. What was surprising was not the non-answer, but the fact that this issue has been around for more than 10 years, yet the HDB is still looking into the matter.

And just to rub salt onto residents’ wounds, the PAP MP for the area, Ong Teng Koon, quickly posted a flyer after the SDP raised the matter. He said that he had been “pushing hard” for a solution and the situation is “making good progress”. The residents will probably receive good news from their PAP MP once the General Election date is announced.

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