PAP’s Foreign Friendly Policy Sees New Citizens Take Full Advantage And Laughing All The Way To The Bank

Anyone of us get the sense that our economy is already addicted to foreign influx, no matter what the Government says? We have only ourselves to blame. After all Singaporeans did not make noise when this started 2 decades ago, and wait only when pain is sharp and the inevitable happens. That pain is today.

With addiction, came the foreign talents who are in Singapore with all the entitlement in the world. Do you blame them when local Singaporeans have been silently accepting this as inevitable? Now these foreign talents have created their own unique culture within their individual ghettos. Brought along with them their own clique that controls their pecking order. Some became PR who believed they are the same as citizens, after all it was our dear Government who encouraged them to be like this.

The worst are those unintegrated new citizens. Other than holding that undeserving red passport, these same people would not hesitate to leave Singapore for another country if a better opportunity arises some pace else. An since they are new citizens, they are entitled all the privileges that any Singaporean citizen would have. After all, they are now Singaporeans too! The only difference between them and locals are that they do not have concerns for Singapore, only for themselves. After all, they come as hunters and they will have their meat, lots of meat, to be traded for lots of money. Totally different from native born citizens.

What wedge would there physically be? This is very clear, the local Singaporeans and foreign new citizens divide. The ruling party are denying their policy has created this negative impact to society, while they focused on allowing more corporations to be setup and expanded. All these require more foreigners, and promised at the table when negotiating for best deals for their corporations.

Singaporeans are always told the influx of foreign talent is good for us, for it will create wealth for us further down the road. Foreign influx rendering many Singaporeans unemployed and underemployed is not something based on fact, we are told. “Please do not politicize this issue” is the refrain we get from our Millionaire Ministers.

How long will this blindfold remain on Singaporeans? Every election period, this got talked about, but every election period, the result will always be the same. Why?

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