SDP FIles High Court Appeal, To Challenge Josephine Teo’s POFMA Action Against Them

The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has made good on their intention to challenge the Manpower Minister on her POFMA actions against them, by filing an appeal with the High Court to challenge Josephine Teo’s correction direction. This challenge represents the first court challenge by anyone against a Minister’s directive since POFMA became effective on October last year.

SDP indicated that they will argue the matter themselves in Court, without engaging counsel. The MOM has also confirmed that they have received notification about SDP’s High Court appeal. In a media statement yesterday, the SDP indicated clearly why Josephine Teo was wrong to issue the correction orders. SDP also said that Josephine Teo’s statement that SDP’s application “does not provide sufficient grounds for the cancellation of the correction directions” was an arrogant dismissal, and indicative of the type of 4G Leadership that Singaporeans have to put up with now.

SDP said they had deliberated at length about taking the appeal to the High Court, but in the end decided that taking it to the courts to “stand up for our fellow Singaporeans and fight for what little space we have left in Singapore to uphold our democratic freedoms” was the right thing to do.

However, it does seem most likely that Josephine Teo will ever take the witness stand to defend her own Ministerial actions. After all, which Minister have ever had to defend his or her decisions to the Singaporean public in any walk of life, let alone in a Singaporean Court?

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