GST Vouchers To Be Given To SGreans In The First Month Of 2020, But We Should Never Forget Impending GST Hikes

The government has just announced that Singaporeans will be given GST vouchers to offset their utilities bill in the very first month of the new year. This is yet another sign of the General Elections coming up soon, as Singaporeans are given yet more chicken wings to satisfy their hunger. It is an election tactic the PAP have often wheeled out often, particularly in the lead up to the GE. So, we should expect more chicken wings to be hurled in our directions soon.

However, when we do receive the GST vouchers, it does make sense to make sense of why we need the GST vouchers in the first place. It is because the GST is about to be raised again, that’s why Singaporeans need help with GST. While we will be happy with any chicken wings the government gives our way, we should remind ourselves how much more the GST hike is going to be soon.

Just to put things in perspective, when, and not if, the PAP wins the next GE, GST will increase 28% from the current 7% to 9%! Also bear in mind that unlike other countries such as Britain where VAT( GST) is not levied on essential items such as food, medical expenses etc, in Singapore, the PAP government levies GST even on essential items. This means that your household and shopping bills become even higher with the increase in GST. So, this GST voucher will not even begin to cover half of what Singaporeans will be paying more because of GST.

Singaporeans are expected to toe the line and be happy whenever the government said they are going to give us freebies. What we must not forget is that the amount we pay back to the government will be much, much more than the chicken wings headed our way.

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