School Holidays Too Long? It’s Really Too Short!

The Straits Times Forum recently had a letter writer from a parent who wrote in to complain that the year end school holidays were too long. Most Singaporeans of course disagreed, with the general consensus that the parent who wrote in probably only want free time for herself without the added “burden” of taking care of the kids during the school holidays.

Most were also of the opinion that Singapore students are being pressured enough as it is already, without taking away their precious little school holidays that they have. One reader have even wrote in tongue in cheek on his Facebook page, voicing his total opposite opinion on the school holidays. Here is the article in full by Airwan Nain Sardi:

“Primary school holidays started on Nov 16 and secondary school holidays started even earlier on Oct 26. I feel that we need an even longer holiday in December.

I have noticed my children and many of my friends’ children being very happy. Parents no need to plan so many holidays activities to occupy their time because children can take care of themselves as long as got free wifi.

The long break is not really a concern for children struggling with their learning, especially their Mathematics. After not practising for more than six weeks, all that they have learnt confirm will be forgotten after the holidays. But nemind, let their brains rest lah.

I suggest that the Ministry of Education add two more weeks of school holidays to the December holidays, two more weeks to the June one, one more week for March and one more for the September holidays. This way, teachers can truly teach less and students can learn more.”

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