CPF Released Name Of Single Mum And Daughter’s Background To Justify Their Actions, Personal Secrecy Be Damned

Imagine a scenario where a person’s personal information and that of her daughter was revealed to the public, when a government body took to their social media page to justify the said government body in their refusal provide aid to the family. People will question the need to name and shame, right? After all, no criminal activity was found, this was merely a financial dispute between a citizen and a government body.

But this was exactly what happened when the CPF board decided to take to social media in their attempt to justify why they refused to allow the single mother to withdraw her CPF funds to help pay for her hospital bills. In a desperate attempt to justify its prolonged refusal to allow an aggrieved mother suffering from illness and with a daughter to support to withdraw her CPF funds, the Board fully disclosed the name of the lady including her hospital visits as well as her daughter’s background. For context, this case was reported in the government’s mouthpiece, the MSM. But no names was disclosed, at the lady’s request.

It does not matter in this case whether the CPF Board was justified to to refuse to aid the woman, this was between them and the aggrieved party. The public need to be informed why the Board has its justification, just as we have been told the mother’s side of the story. After all, everyone can make their own conclusions after hearing both sides of the story. But was there really a need to name the mother, and even inform the public of the daughter’s education background, whereby they indicated the daughter receives government bursaries to help pay her school fees? Why stoop so low?

This, in a nutshell, is our government. Vindictive, and anything said that is not to their liking about the government and how they run things, then you know they will bite back by either embarrassing you or use the many weapons at their disposal, such as the POFMA. This is not a surprise anymore.

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