PAP MP Admits She Has No Time For Her Kids, But This Admission Does Not Make Things Right

PAP MP for Pasir Ris – Punggol Town Council, and Senior Parliamentary Secretary Sun Xueling, admittted on her social media post that she feels guilty that she does not spend enough time with her children. This sudden realisation that she cannot spend time with her children came when her children’s child care was closed the day she made the post until the end of the year.

She wrote that she then felt guilty, as she believed the children will be stuck at home with her helper, probably watching TV all day long, while she has to attend meetings during the day and spend time in the evening canvassing for votes from Punggol residents. She then had a brilliant brainstorm, whereby she can bring her kids along to a playground nearby where she was having her meeting in the west side of Singapore, and then send her kids home for lunch while she goes back to her office.

While her story will resonate with most Singaporeans, as most of us have no time to spend with the kids when we have to work hard every day just to make ends meet, the MP herself should consider herself blessed. After all, how many Singaporean parents can afford to have a maid to look after their kids on top of sending them to childcare? That in itself will cost a bomb. And who can afford to drive their kids around while they go for meeting after meeting, and can still find time to drive home during lunch time?

The killer question is of course, how many Singaporeans can say they have to work long hours, but still can earn $16,000 a month doing a side job as a Parliamentarian?

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