Do We Really Need Education Minister To Address Withholding PSLE Original Result Slip In Parliament?

Weeks after the MOE came under fire from the Singaporean public for withholding a student’s original PSLE results slip as her family had been unable to pay her outstanding school fees, Education Minister Ong Ye Kung finally voiced out his thoughts that this policy should be reviewed. MOE had earlier indicated that this policy had been in place for years as a means to mitigate the heat on them, failing to realise that this even if this practice had been in place for years, it does not make this ethically right.

However, the Minister Ong’s statement that he felt this should be reviewed is simply him trying to get onside with the Singaporean public once again, to show that the government listens to the ground, especially as Singapore is nearing the election period. And just to buy himself and the MOE more time, he said that he will only address this in Parliament next year. Why not just address this now? Trying to earn more goodwill from the voting public next year?

If a Minister can’t tell the public immediately that what happened was wrong and undertake that it would not happen again, then Singaporeans have real reasons to question the values which the Education Ministry is imparting to our Younger Generation. Those sitting comfortably in their ivory towers clearly have lost touched with the reality Singaporeans face on a daily basis. These highly paid Ministers really think everything is fine and chugging along well in Singapore.

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