SG Father Asks Why Foreign Students Get Free Education In Local Unis, But Local Poly Students Can’t Even Get In

The recent POFMA enacted on Lim Tean for his article that claimed foreign students get more help from the Singapore government via bursaries as compared to local students have pushed the issue into the open. While the government refutes such allegations, there is still discontent among Singaporeans in regard to this issue.

While the numbers quoted may or may not be true, as there is not enough statistical data released by the authorities to definitively put the issue to bed, some Singaporeans have used their own experience to counter the claims of fake news that the government are so keen to punish.

In an open letter by a Singaporean father who was disappointed that his own daughter finds it hard to go to a local university, he questioned on what basis are the foreign students deemed good enough to attend the local universities under a bursary, denying locals who has good grades to study at said university. This is what the father, who named himself as Raymond Tan, had to say.

“My wife and I paid for the education of our 3 children. My daughter had to go to SIM a private Uni because even with her good Poly results, the local universities don’t consider her good enough. But then the PAP is offering free university education to foreigners and denied my daughter a true blue born in Singapore girl, the chance to be in a local university. We had to pay so much much more for her Uni education at SIM. Where is the bloody justice of it all in being born in Singapore? Why are we giving all these goodies to foreigners who uses Singapore as a stepping stone to the West while we Singaporean parents struggle with financial difficulties to put our Singapore born children through their education?”

Can the government respond to that, and many other parents who face similar road blocks for their children? Or are the government too busy at the moment trying to POFMA every dissenting voice to answer such trivial Singaporean problems?

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