MOE Says Withholding Results From Students Due To Unpaid Fees Longstanding Practice

MOE’s recent replies to online anger over their act of not releasing the original PSLE result slip to a student who had failed to pay one year’s worth of school fees have made even more people angry. This was because MOE stated that their act of withholding original documents have been a longstanding practice.

The suits who sits up on the MOE ivory tower still cannot see the issue being debated here. A longstanding practice certainly does not make this any right, as they did nothing but humiliate the student who by no choice of her own, got found out by the rest of her school mates that her family cannot afford to pay the ‘minimal’ school fees. If the MOE dare say that the amount was minimal compared to the amount given by the government to offset costs for Singaporeans, then why are they still hard up on chasing after that amount? MOE said that this was not about the money. So, what is it about then? To humiliate poor students who cannot afford to even pay a minimum sum?

Surely, this would have raised enough concerns for the teachers, school and MOE themselves if a student cannot pay the so called small amount. Shouldn’t they then try to find out how they can help the student, instead of withholding her original results slip and try to humiliate her in public?

Is this what our MOE and government has turned into? It’s all about the money, even if they vehemently denied this is so. It is so obvious, yet the people up on the ivory towers just cannot see it.

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