SAF Severely Underpays Reservists Who Works As Private Hire Drivers

First of all, I am a Gojek driver who still have my NS liability, I have been with Gojek since 14th Aug 2019 and my ICT date is from 11th Nov till 22nd Nov 2019. My ICT(In Camp Training) is with RSN (Republic of Singapore Navy). About 1 month before my ICT started, I was informed by SAF pay centre to submit my income statement from Gojek so they could process my income and pay me on time during my last day of ICT.

If you are renting from a rental company, you are to submit your rental agreement to SAF and they would cover your rental amount, do note that you will need to pay your rental first as SAF only pay you on the last day of your ICT.

So I diligently submitted 3 weeks before my ICT and 10 days before ICT, they mailed me to submit again my recent income statement as they needed an update of my most recent income. And I did as told. On my 2nd day of ICT (12th Nov), I again received a mail asking for another update for the 3rd time and they needed the statement till 10th of Nov but Gojek was unable to provide as they needed time to process all our earning and that was when I started to suspect whether will I get paid correctly on time. Still, I submitted to them my earning till 1st Nov 2019 only as that was what I got.

I have been sending and receiving emails and calls with the Pay Department since 12th Nov. Today is 22nd Nov, my last day of ICT and also my Out-Pro day I got an email from the pay department and to my utter surprise, I was informed that SAF will be paying me $35 per day during my whole course of my ICT! I am very unsatisfied of the result of my Make Up Claim and so I called up and even emailed them regarding my displeasure as I am severely underpaid during my ICT, I am not getting what I supposed to get at all, not even close. How am I going to pay all my household bills or even eat with only $35 a day? And this include the rental fees I still have to keep paying even when I was on Reservist!

This is to send a warning to all PHV drivers or any errant earners that you will be under paid by SAF during your course of ICT no matter what concrete proof you show to them. I am at the end of my NS liability and this will not affect me anymore soon, but what I am doing here is to help other PHV drivers to have early warning what they are about to face. Should I know about this earlier, I would have deferred my ICT. Good luck Singapore NSman.

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