PAP’s Ruthless Ban On PMD Claims Another Victim, The E-Scooter Tour Firms

The Government’s poorly executed blanket ban on all PMD use on footpath, no matter whether the PMDs are used for individual needs, delivery needs or business needs, have claimed yet another victim. This time, three weeks after the effective ban date on all PMDs, the small crop of firms providing guided tours using PMDs are next affected badly.

In fact, one operator using this innovative way of doing tours, JoyScoot, has already given up their business and closed their shops for the final time. The other forms which are soldiering on are running up thousands of dollars in losses from cancelled bookings.Some of these firms also provide e-scooter rentals, which obviously will not be a hot thing now, and have decided that they will shoft their focus on other areas such as bicycle and walking tours, just so their companies can stay afloat.

The company that closed, JoyScoot, which is located at the Singapore Flyer, said that business was badly affected by the ban, that they decided that closing the business was the only way forward. However, their store at the Singapore Flyer, which is named Walking Tours, is still in operation. The Walking Singapore offers services such as walking tours. 

The above businesses being affected by the PMD ban is yet another example of how poorly the decision by the Government was made, without even consulting the many stakeholders who are affected by the ban.

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