Pasir Ris HDB Lifts Breaks Down For 6 Hours, Town Council Office Went Missing

Residents of Pasir Ris HDB block 569 were left stranded and frustrated at the void deck of their HDB block, as their one and only working lift broke down on Thursday afternoon, 21st November. According to residents, the lift broke down around 1pm, and was only fixed and working about six hours later, around 7pm.

Residents also indicated that there was one other lift, but that was undergoing upgrading works, so they are left with the one lift that broke down. Calls to the Essential Maintenance Service Unit (EMSU) by the residents resulted in the EMSU telling them they cannot do anything, while the Town Council office did not answer residents’ calls, even though it was on a Thursday afternoon, when every salaried employees are supposed to be working.

This resulted in older folks getting stranded as they cannot climb up the stairs, delivery riders also stranded due to the high floors they were supposed to get to, and even one pregnant lady braving climbing up to the 11th storey, as she needed to use her house toilet urgently.

The Pasir-Ris Punggol Town Council, which is in charge of the affected block, did not comment on the issue, probably still toasting themselves for having successfully sued WP in the AHTC case and making the opposition look useless. Who is the real useless Town Council now?

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