Fear Mongering Does Not Work In Singapore Politics Anymore

Singaporeans know that fear mongering is the favourite tactics used by the ruling party every time an Election period comes near, or every time the Whites think that Singaporeans are not in line with the Government’s point of view on things. Examples of fear mongering employed have been the threat that Aljunied GRC will become a slum when they fell to WP hands, spreaders of CECA untruths who can be persecuted or spreading of falsehoods will cause Singapore to fall into ruins.

Of course, we know now these had not happened. Aljunied GRC did not become a slum, in fact, they are thriving under WP’s stewardship. No one cannot spread CECA untruths, as the real reason behind CECA was not even made public by the government. Singapore had not fallen to ruins despite falsehoods spread by the incumbent party themselves, falsehoods like HDB flats are cash cows forever, and CPF is your money.

But of course, this will not stop the Whites from using fear mongering. The latest fear mongering soundbites is about the Hong Kong riots. Ministers spreading fears and fear mongering that Hong Kong unrest and riots can happen in Singapore is rather far fetched and people simply don’t believe whatever they are saying. In fact, a more realistic scenario is unrest created by non-Singaporeans on Singapore soil.

One only has to remember the unrest or riots that happened in Singapore recently. Singaporeans know when it did happened, it was due to mass uncontrolled influx immigration policies. Don’t believe? Then, list down the most recent unrest seen in Singapore. The PRC bus driver strikes. The Little India riots. In fact, we also now have a serial protester new citizen, arrested by the police for the umpteenth time for his solo protests at Raffles Place.

Maybe our government need to look at how their policies are shaping Singapore’s susceptibility to unrest or riots. Singaporeans don’t do those things, they have Hong Lim Park to voice their peaceful protests. It is the new citizens who do not want newer citizens to come here and compete for limited resources & opportunities.

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