Bukit Batok Fire: Murali Says Sorry, But Shouldn’t He Be Taken To Task?

By now, Singaporeans would have known about the fire at a Bukit Batok HDB block, that occurred on the 13th storey, and the SCDF being unable to use the fire hose reel located there as first it was locked, then they fund out water cannot flow to the 13th floor hose reel at all. After SCDF came out with the statement and stated that they would be investigating this dangerous lack of access, PAP MP for the area finally apologised and stated that this should not happen, and said two town council staff were to be disciplined.

Now is this not putting the blame somewhere else and refusing to take responsibility? We know that if this happened in a WP ward, the MPs there would definitely be taken to task and be accused of not doing their duty to ensure resident’s safety, even though the problem lies with Town Council staff. What about Murali then? Would he be let off without a single admonishment? The locking of an important life saving equipment surely come under the purview of the Town Council, so why only the the buck stops at the two who actually locked the hose reel? What about the management who approves of such act? What about Murali himself, as the overall in charge of Town Council matters in his own ward?

Surely he knows what is happening. If he does not, does this mean that Murali does not do walk about at the block. If he had done so, he would have noticed the hose reels being locked. This is a serious breach of the FSA, as it involves lives and property.

Town Council staff from GM, POs, technician and service provider, have derelicted their duty and are responsible. The service provider should be terminated if his monthly servicing report is dubious or lacking. Mr.Murali is accountable, as he is, after all, the MP there. He should, in the name of integrity, accept his accountability and not just push the blame to staff of the Town Council. Of course, knowing the PAP, this would never happen. MPs taking the blame for a failure? No way.

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