PMD Riders To Get Their Voice Back At HLP, After Lam Pin Min’s Monologue

After Lam Pin Min’s monologue session with the PMD delivery riders at the MPS session on Tuesday, PMD delivery riders who were there felt that they were shortchanged. They had gone to the MPS to meet the very man who had announced the PMD ban in Parliament, hoping that Lam Pin Min will hear their side of the story, and how the ban have affected their rice bowl.

However, Lam Pin Min had once again shown just how the PAP does not really care for the sentiments on the ground, as the supposed dialogue became a monologue instead, where Lam Pin Min talked and convinced the attendees why they ban was a must, and did not really gave any of the PMD delivery riders a chance to air their grievances. This was more of a PAP telling people what to do session, instead of hearing why the ban affects so many lives.

But come 23rd November, PMD riders have been given a platform to air their grievances in public, without fear of getting cut off by Lam Pin Min or any of the PAP MPs who so readily agreed with the overnight ban. PMD delivery riders are invited to come and speak your mind at Hong Lim Park, and let Lam Pim Min and the other ministers know that they are taking away your livelihoods by taking away your PMDs.

Remember, this is a peaceful rally to revert the ban on PMDs on 23rd November 2019, from 5pm to 10pm. We will not let the PAP Ministers hijack our platform to voice out our real feelings on this overnight ban. This is our chance to let our voices be heard, and not silenced in some PR stunt from the PAP.

All Singaporeans and PR are welcome, just bring your IC or Passport to join in. People who want to volunteer can contact Sarah Alatas on phone number 8891 9772

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