PAP Had No Plans In Place When Introducing PMD Ban Overnight

When Lam Pin Min, the Senior Minister of State For Transport, stood up in Parliament and announced that the government have decided to ban all PMDs from pedestrian footpaths, did the PAP had a proper plan in place? Or were they just bowing to extreme pressure from pedestrians, who rightfully wants to feel safe while walking on the pavement, and not to fear getting hit by the PMDs. Butm did the government even think about the consequences their decision would have on the rice bowl of the PMD Delivery riders?

There is an estimated 100,000 PMDs being used in Singapore. Soon after the ban and the uproar it caused among the delivery PMD riders community, the ad hoc solution the government came up with was to compensate approximately 7,000 food deliverers with 7 million dollars of tax payers money. This, they think, will placate the anger and unhappy PMD riders community, but was this well thought through?

And what about the other 93,000 PMD users who were not delivery riders? Would they get left behind with a useless, but expensive PMD, because the government decided to ban them because of a few idiots?

A good solution is one that takes into consideration the interests of as many users as possible, which of course include the safety of pedestrians on footpaths. But what we have seen with the reactions of the food delivery riders, where they gathered in big groups to meet MPs to hear them out, it is clear that no one was appeased in this fiasco of a decision by the PAP. This goes to show that the PAP has no idea how to solve the problem they themselves created. They have really lost their way.

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