PM Lee Says Reserved Presidency A Right Thing To Do, Minority SGreans Never Asked If They Thought So

PM said that the Reserved Presidential Election that Singapore had in 2017 was the right thing to do, even though he knew not all Singaporeans agreed with it. He was speaking at the PAP Convention on Sunday, where of course all those who listened to him speak were PAP comrades, and thus, no dissenting voices to question his statement. PM Lee said that his party would have to face a short term political cost, but it was necessary to ensure Singapore’s long term stability.

He was referring to the year when the PAP decided almost immediately to change the elected presidency to reserve it for a minority candidate back in 2017. In the Presidential Election of 2017, the candidates were required by Law to be Malay, and Mdm Halimah Yacob won unopposed. Many Singaporeans question the timing of this new Law, indicating that if this was to be passed into Law, it should not be parachuted in immediately for the next election, but instead should be carried out for the next one.

Many also questioned if the hurried nature of the Reserved Presidency Election was to stop Tan Cheng Bock from contesting, as he had been widely tipped to run for the President, and most said that he could have won. PM Lee did not address that particular rumour, instead indicating that he felt convinced that they did the right thing in having a Reserved Presidential Election. PM Lee also noted that It is harder for a non-Chinese candidate to be elected president through a national vote, even though no national elections had been done to prove his statement.

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