Non Compliance Of Fire Safety In Bukit Batok Fire, Why PAP MP Remains Quiet?

Recently, the Bukit Batok fire that occurred on the 13th floor of a HDB flat was in the news, after it emerged that SCDF was unable to use the water hose on the 13th floor because it was locked, and not properly maintained. The Bukit Batok flat is of course under the care of the PAP, as a PAP Town Council is in charge of making sure equipment, especially life saving ones, are properly maintained and usable in that particular ward. Imagine if this was in AHTC, WP’s ward.

For sure, if it occurred in AHTC itself, WP will be questioned over and over, and motion filed in Parliament to accuse them of negligence of the highest order. After all, an oversight like this may cost lives, as it so nearly did in this particular incident. WP will be accused of not exercising due diligence. MP after MP will throw smoke bombs. Shanmugam and his other high level Minister colleague will use harsh words to describe WP lack of care and duty to the voters of AHTC.

But this happened in a PAP ward! Horror upon horror, how could this happen? Would any PAP MP then be questioned for their mismanagement of the property and equipment of the HDB block? Or will this be brushed aside as yet another honest mistake by the PAP? Where is the accountability and integrity?

How come the party which emphasizes integrity and accountability is as quiet as a church mouse? Where is the man who is not afraid to do what is right, hiding? What has the PM, who just said Singapore must never ever be afraid to do the right thing, got to say now?

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