PMD Delivery Riders Desperate, Turns To MPs For Help After Their Rice Bowl Gone

The e-scooter ban on foodpaths was announced unexpectedly on Monday in Parliament by Lam Pin Min, and on the very next day, the ban came into effect. What this effectively meant was that the delivery riders who depended on the PMD to make their deliveries, unexpectedly lost their jobs overnight. While many applauded the move as pedestrians getting control back of the pedestrian walkways from the dangers of PMD, one can not help but feel sorry for those who actually lost their rice bowl because of this ban.

While Senior Minister of State Lam Pin Min told Parliament that the move was necessary to make pedestrians feel safe again, about 100,000 PMD users who depended on them to make a living, were left jobless and clueless as to what they can do. The question that most PMD users had for the people who made the decision from their ivory towers was that did the new law kick in without proper consultations and deliberations, and was there any thoughts given to those whose very rice bowl depended on them riding the PMD.

For most of these people, the PMD and delivery job was already their last resort towards earning a decent living. Take away their PMDs, it is as good as taking away their only way to earn money. What are the government then going to do about this? So much have been said recently about political leaders having to take responsibility for their every actions towards Singaporeans, so how are they going to answer to the thousands who have lost their jobs overnight?

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