PAP MPs Show They Only Care About Fixing Opposition Rather Than Solve Welfare Of SGreans

If any conclusion were to be drawn from DPM Heng Swee Keat motion in Parliament to recuse the WP MPs Sylvia Lim and Low Thia Khiang from their financial obligations with AHTC even though the case was still ongoing, it was that it’s very obvious to discerning Singaporeans that this move smacks of a political checkmate rather than one about responsibilities.

In fact, while Heng and his PAP comrades will definitely claim that they are doing this for the good of Singaporeans, no one will be blinded by the fact that this was done even though the appeal period for the WP MPs have still not lapsed, and thus, the PAP were really jumping the gun. They cannot wait till the appeal process is over, and the rush was further confirmed when Heng himself had to call for an adjournment when Sylvia rebutted him on some points. Clearly, he was not ready for a debate, and this stinks of a rush job to fix the opposition.

Perhaps, this was the best time to slam them and make the WP look weak, since when the appeal comes in, WP clearly had the answers to the judgement. The end result though, made Heng look weak while WP came out stronger, even though as expected, they got outvoted.

But if this was a less a conclusion than an affirmation that the PAP MPs care more in their ultimate drive to fix the opposition and ensure they get their cushy Parliamentary seats in the next elections, rather than s desire to improve the lives and welfare of Singaporeans. After all, for this motion, almost all PAP MPs were present, but when debates were done on other pertinent issues, Parliament would often see a majority of empty seats.

If the PAP MPs are really serious about their commitment to make lives better for Singaporeans, why not have a more meaningful discussion on CECA? Or why the sudden ban on PMD, which suddenly means many Singaporeans are out of a job overnight as they cannot do any more deliveries.

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