Pritam Singh Questions Motive Of DPM Heng’s Motion Against WP In Parliament

Workers’ Party chief Pritam Singh has questioned the motive of the PAP and DPM Heng Swee Keat in filing the motion in Parliament to recuse Sylvia Lim and Low Thia Khiang from all financial matters at the Town Council. The motion comes three weeks after the High Court ruling against the WP, but before the 11 November deadline for the party to appeal against the decision, which they said they will.

Pritam said the motion was carried out hurriedly and and was premature, and indicated that the timing is highly “unusual for a legal system that places an exacting premium on the rule of law as a defining characteristic of the country”. He then urged the PAP to come clean and explain to Singaporeans why they hurriedly file the motion before the case is concluded. Pritam also revealed that AHTC’s auditors had submitted an unqualified financial statement this year and it has been sent to the Ministry of National Development, which oversees town councils.

Unqualified financial statement means all the finances are in order, and it has already been proven before that all money since 2011 are accounted for, and not a single cent went missing. So, there was no criminal case to answer for, that’s why the PAP took the unusual step of trying to find the WP MPs guilty via a civil court. Does this them not show that the PAP have been trying their very best to discredit the WP for 8 years, since they lost the Aljunied GRC?

Simple fact of the matter is this – It is to discredit the fact that an opposition party can run a big town council, a GRC, and thus an entire HDB estate of more 150,000 people/voters. And WP has also been building its own grassroots movement, and has done well. PAP are scared of this two things, for this will burst their bubble of extolling the fact that only they can run town councils.

At the end of the day, this premature motion by Heng is nothing more than a political move, and not a holier than thou WP must take responsibility for their actions move. The PAP just want to put WP in a bad light, and there is nothing to stop them from doing that. After all, fixing the opposition is what they are really good at.

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