Resident Questions Why TC Used Funds To Engage Lawyer in WP Case Without Consulting Them

Arising from the case where the Punggol Pasir-Ris Town Council (PPRTC) sued AHTC and WP for their alleged mismanagement of Town Councils fund, a resident of PPRTC shot back some questions of her own asking how the Town Council had used the Town Council funds to proceed with the legal actions against WP without even consulting the residents.

Town Council funds are of course used for estate funds, and the money mostly comes from residents paying their monthly SC &C charges, amongst other things. However, for the legal fees incurred in the high profile case, it was not made known how the TC disbursed the funds needed to pay for the legal fees, and whether it was really TC funds used for this non-estate expenses. The email from the resident was revealed by Mr Augustin Lee Zixu, former People’s Power Party candidate for Chua Chu Kang GRC in GE2011, who said the email was written by his friend who is a resident of the Punggol Pasir Ris GRC.

Other pertinent issue raised by the resident was why the residents were not consulted if TC funds were used, why the TC hired the most expensive lawyer to represent them as if the case was strong, then even the cheapest lawyer can also ensure a Court victory over the WP, why there were no 3 quotations done to hire the lawyers representing the TC, and did the TC actually breach any rules and regulations in using the TC funds.

However the only reply the resident received after a long period of silence was that the TC will not reply, due to the ongoing court case. So, when the Whites decide to use TC funds and not be transparent about it, then all is fine and dandy, but WP do the exact same thing, and their leaders are found guilty of not carrying out their fiduciary duties. You decide if this is fair.

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