PM Lee Wants ASEAN To Work Closely With India Now, SG’s CECA Not Enough

In the recent India – ASEAN summit over the weekend that took place in Bangkok, PM Lee met with his counterpart, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and declared that both ASEAN and India should redouble their efforts to improve economic integration.

This is in the wake of Singapore’s own agreement with India, the CECA, getting heat back in the Republic for the perceived special exemptions offered to Indian nationals to come and work in Singapore, due to the case where an Indian employee of JP Morgan was caught on video dissing Singaporeans and mocked their low pay and HDB homes. In his speech, PM Lee also said that he hopes for better transport connectivity with India, and also stated his hope that India and ASEAN can work together on his new pet project, that of environment related issues.

Usually, when PM Lee makes comments like this, it is not just as passing comment, there usually is a deeper meaning to his words. It would seem that this is another way where Singapore will open the doors to more Indian professionals to enter the Singapore job market, pushing locals more to the side in an already highly competitive job market. Perhaps, all Singaporeans can say now is welcome to our “professional” and most times “well educated” friends from India.

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