Heng Swee Keat To Table Motion In Parliament For AHTC To Remove WP MPs From Financial Matters

Fixing the opposition. Election season is drawing nearer, and it does seem the ruling party, the PAP, has started laying down the groundwork already. From giving out chicken wings to Singaporeans, and holding back for now from taking back a whole chicken, the PAP has also started to move to fix the opposition.

For two GE in a row, the PAP team in Aljunied GRC have failed to defeat their WP counterparts. So, the next best way to defeat them is via the courts. Unable to sue them until their pants drop for any ‘malicious” comments they might have met, the WP MPs instead got sued for alleged mismanagement of Town Council. Of course, the WP MPs lost their battle in court, no one expected otherwise. But this case highlighted the step by step way to fix your opponents by making them look bad, and you look good.

First, get your own related company to suddenly pull out of the Town Council management system, and take all the software of the Town Council with you. Then, get all other system management companies scared to work for AHTC, so that the Town Council will be forced to come up with their own solutions immediately, or risk the GRC becoming a slump, as the opposition cannot manage them properly.

Once the opposition gets their own people to run the system management system, accuse them of paying over the odds, thus mismanaging the Town Council funds. Of course, all these must be done via the Courts, so Singaporeans know there was no ulterior motive in exposing opposition’s supposed incompetence. The final step, of course table motion in Parliament to say how useless the opposition are in managing finances of the Town Council.

And all these was done, despite the fact that DPM Heng, who tabled the motion and who is widely regarded as a PM-In-Waiting, knows that the WP MPs are going to challenge the Hight Court judgement against them. So, this case is not over yet, but yet our DPM is tabling a motion as if this case was dome and dusted. Is DPM Heng then committing contempt of Court? Yet another example of PAP getting their way, and getting away with everything they do.

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