Ramesh Apologises To Uncle Steven, But Should SG Let Him Off So Easily?

Arising from the verbal abuse condo resident, Ramesh Erramalli spouted at the security guard at his condo, the Association of Certified Security Agencies (ACSA) Honorary Secretary, Gary Haris, and President of Security Association Singapore (SAS) Raj Joshua Thomas met with both Ramesh and the security guard, named as Security Supervisor Steven Heng Woo Wee.

All the parties involved in the meeting wanted to draw a line under the incident and the unwanted publicity it generated online. According to reports, Ramesh was very remorseful for his actions and apologised to Steven Heng many times. Ramesh stated that he knew Heng was just doing his job, and that he was a “very humble and good Security Supervisor”. Ramesh said he should not have verbally abused Steven, and he meant no harm. Ramesh also said the person people got to see on the video was not reflective of him in person.

Heng, for his part, stated that he accepted the apology and and even thanked Ramesh for personally apologising to him. Heng also urged everyone to forgive Ramesh, whom he called “friendly and approachable”. All good then

However, should we let this rest? While Ramesh had apologised for his bad behavior, it says a lot that he even made such remarks. Which means, this is what he really thought of Singaporeans. While humility will go a long way, it does seem that Ramesh had none, and was only forced to backtrack after a wall of negativity started surrounding him. Maybe also he was afraid of losing his $66k a month job and will be forced to look for a new job in Singapore, seeing that he is already a Singapore citizen, and this time, he cannot profit anymore from CECA.

After all, would companies in Singapore hire someone like Ramesh, a Singaporean now, with a questionable degree from a lousy overseas university with no viable experience apart from a job handed to him on a plate? So, did Ramesh apologise because he meant it, or because he realised his life in Singapore would no longer be a bed of roses?

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