The Debacle Of CECA: PAP Has A Lot Of Explaining To Do To Singaporeans

The Singapore government, or more specifically the PAP, has recently come under heavy criticism for their agreement in the CECA. CECA, of course, came under the spotlight recently because of a very well paid beneficiary of the CECA who refused to pay a $10 parking fee. of course, the Singapore government, led by Deputy PM Heng Swee Keat, signed off on the CECA hoping for GIC and Temasek to gain better access to Indian businesses.

Now of course, that did not really happen to Singapore’s benefit. GIC and Temasek did not make significant inroads into the Indian market. But Singapore, on the other hand, opened up our labour market to many thousands of Indian job seekers. With CECA, MNCs in Singapore are free to employ the Indian job seekers without the need to look at locals’ CVs first, and these CECA approved job seekers can then even bring along their families once employed. Singaporeans are now questioning the wisdom of this CECA agreement. Why is it that many allegations have surfaced recently that many of these high level CECA beneficiaries have qualifications that does not even better or even come remotely close to Singaporeans’ own qualifications?

Did MOM cross check with the universities and ex employers about these CECA beneficiaries? Or are they allowed to gobble up all the better jobs and higher pay at the expense of other well qualified Singaporeans? Has Heng Swee Keat and the PAP erred in their judgement in signing the CECA?

It does seem like it to most ordinary Singaporeans. It does seem that while our locals are having difficulty finding jobs even with university degrees, let alone getting high paying jobs, thsoe CECA beneficiaries have sauntered in, took away our jobs, and laughed at the faces of Singaporeans.

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