Why Singaporeans Are Angry At Foreign Talents Who Thinks They Are Better Than Us

The weekend spat between a foreign national and a security guard, where the foreign national got incensed as he his condo guest had to pay a parking fee for visiting him late at night, has again brought the spotlight upon the supposed class divide between the foreign talents who are brought here on monstrous salaries, while average Singaporeans struggle to find jobs.

While the security guard was rightly just dispensing his duty, that particular quarrel is for the army of netizens to comment on, while J P Morgan, the employer of the said foreign national, will have a PR nightmare to contend with once the Deepavali holiday season has worn off. But what has riled Singaporeans is the fact that this person, like many before him, and many more after him, seem to get all the cushy and high paying job, and see no wrong to look down of Singaporeans who have university qualifications in Singapore’s world class universities, but can only dream of getting such high paying jobs in their own country.

Singaporeans are told by our own government, foreign nationals and even fellow citizens who are sympathizers or just IBs not to ‘overgeneralize’ whenever instances of bad behavior exhibited by foreigners make headlines. And yet, time and again, incidents like these keep happening, where we see yet another foreign talent looking down on a fellow Singaporeans. We already have to deal with the bad behavior of some of our fellow citizens, so why is there a need for an influx of foreigners to add to the stress?

While condoning outright violence and hostility towards foreigners are wrong, these foreign talents should still be kept on close watch. Singapore do not need another foreign talent to play the class divide, or even the race card. If Singapore needs to be wary of foreign influences when it comes to politics, then Singaporeans should also be wary of foreign nationals coming to our shores. Pointing out the divide between foreigners and locals isn’t xenophobic. It’s telling it like it is.

This rift exists thanks to unfettered mass immigration and the government as well as certain companies pandering to foreign talent. Vocal Singaporeans aren’t creating cracks in society. They are bringing problems that have been swept under the carpet to light.

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