How Does JP Morgan Selects Its Foreign Talent For Top Posts?

The foreign talent who bragged about his ability to buy a $1.5m condo, while ordinary Singaporeans cannot do much but just work as security guards and stay in ‘government funded’ HDB flats have opened more than a can of worms. Not only are Singaporeans up in arms over the self entitled foreign talent, but also question marks have been raised over how such foreign talents actually got top jobs in Singapore in the first place.

While Government’s CECA agreement was one of the main reasons netizens said that it was easier for foreign talents from a particular country find it easier to find jobs in Singapore, the company in the middle of the storm needs to come out and address a few issues. Chief of which, is of course, how did the foreign talent assessed to be more capable than Singaporeans who could have applied for the same job. Consider this; the foreign talent in question supposedly only have a qualification from his local schools back in his home country, and a degree from Hull University. he does not even had a top role in the financial sector before he came over. In short, he was a nobody back in his home country.

So how can he be any better than a fresh Singaporean graduate from NUS, or even NTU, two universities placed way higher than Hull University. In fact, how can he be even better than the many other Singaporeans who actually have experience in the financial sector in Singapore, knows the local scene, and have the right paper qualification for the job?

So, is JP Morgan basically saying this guy deserve his high salary and top post based on a non existent skill set, and qualifications from a university way inferior to Singapore’s own? Are they really no local Singaporeans who does not qualify for the job the foreign talent is doing?

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