Loser PAP Candidate Victor Lye Uses Therefore And Thereby To Confuse Everyone

The PAP’s losing candidate in the Aljunied GRC, Victor Lye, has shown Singaporeans what type of caliber he would be by confusing everyone on his Facebook post in the recent online spat between the WP ad the PAP Grassroots advisers, who also happens to be the losers in the GE 2015. Victor Lye, one of those losers, had posted and warned the people about “those who are truly politicians” while asserting that PAP activists should first and foremost be “political leaders”.

So, people need to be warned about those who are politicians, but the activists must first and foremost be politicians? He is warning the people to be wary of characters like him? Sounds about right. And his Facebook post is also riddled with the words “Therefore and Thereby”. Maybe he just picked up those two words, and thought it was cool to name drop them off every opportunity he can.

And just to confuse people further, this was what he actually wrote on part of his FB post – “On Thursday night, shared with our NE District PAP activists about being ordinary and down-to-earth, people for our people. In that itself, we do not need to spoken of as office holders or heavyweights. Therefore and thereby, we know we are worthy to our people.” Makes any sense to you?

Or is this just a rambling of a loser who was installed in the very ward he lost as a political leader that even his victors have to seek his approval for projects they came up with for the residents? Maybe he is someone who feels that even though he lose the election, he cannot really lose anything since he is, after all, a PAP political activist. Do we want this confused clown as an MP?

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