Even Academics Are Now Criticizing RGS For Their Elitist Comments On New Campus

In another twist to the news report by New Paper on Tuesday 22 October, where they wrote an RGS spokesperson had said “Moving away from the luxurious condominiums in Orchard Road will allow our girls to reach out more to the ordinary Singaporean”, RGS themselves had issued a statement that denied the it was a spokesperson who said such things. In fact, it was a member of their staff who spoke to reporters informally.

The school also said the particular member of staff was most likely misquoted, or he did not express himself clearly on the matter. But it still failed to explain why a member of the staff, be it an official spokesperson or not, still had the idea that moving away from the luxurious Orchard area means they can reach out to Singaporeans who are not luxurious.

This point was picked up by an Academic, Prof Donald Low, who questioned why the need to come up with such statements, which clearly shows the level of elitism, and questioned what this statement said about the state of education and class in Singapore.

As usual, netizens have the final word in this saga, with most calling the remark by RGS elitist and unnecessary. Most also are of the view that the remarks seemed to imply that RGS students are elite and have finally gotten a chance to mingle with the lower class due to the new school location.

We are sure RGS will be warmly welcomed by the residents of the new school location.

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