Pritam Kept Correspondences As Proof PA Have Been Ignoring AHTC’s Plans For Residents

Looks like the verbal spat between Pritam Singh and the PAP Grassroots Advisers in WP’s Aljunied GRC is not going away anytime soon. After losing PAP candidate for the GRC area, who also happend to be the grassroots adviser tasked to approve projects put forward by WP, Chua Eng Leong, accused Pritam Singh of making unsubstantiated comments on the building of the ramp in Bedok Reservoir, Pritam Singh has quickly moved to quash the opponent whom he beat fair and square in an Election field.

Pritam responded by indicating that he is pleased the PA grassroots leader eventually found time from his busy schedule of trying to undermine WP in their own ward to actually reply to the issue. He said “I am delighted to see the CCC finally engage this issue, albeit only after things have to go public. Repeated emails, requests for answers have gone unanswered and ignored, over many years.” Pritam further cast aspersions on Chua by asking “If you do not communicate with your counterparty, and you do not explain why repeated Extension of Times (EOT) are required – what is the irresistible conclusion? Is a seven year wait for a proposal to come to fruition the norm in PAP wards where taxpayers monies are also used to fund Community Improvement Projects Committee (CIPC) projects?”

Pritam also questioned how much funding was allocated to Aljunied GRC as compared to other PAP wards, and also stated there is another set of proposals from WP that have been ignored since 2015. Pritam also assured Chua that he had kept all the correspondence on the issue, in an effort to not let his party get tarnished again in the run up to the elections.

One would hazard a guess that these would be bullets by which WP would be attacked during the elections period, as a party that is not able to meet residents need. When in actual fact, it seems like they have been sabotaged every step of the way to make them look real bad.

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