Ho Ching Draws Online Flak Asking Singaporeans To Make Smart Choice And Live In HDB

The wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Ho Ching, has drawn online flak after she posted on her FB, vouching for public housing and called on people to make a “smarter wealth choice” and opt to live in HDB housing. Ho Ching is of course, still oblivious to the fact that her salary that she draws from Temasek is the only salary in Singapore that is deemed a State Secret.

This was also not the first time that Ho Ching has commented on issues impacting national matters in the past week, as she had also commented on keeping an open mind on Singapore having a nuclear facility. Netizens are now questioning with her most recent comments on FB whether she plans on running for office in the next election. Of course, being the wife of the PM, she would probably have his ears on issues relating to Singapore’s interest, whether she is in office or not.

Her recent remarks on encouraging Singaporeans to make the smart choice to live in HDB flats however, has drawn more flak. For one, Ho Ching herself has never lived in an HDB flat before, nor she ever will one day. Netizens’ call for her to lead by example and live in a HDB house before giving advice to others will most likely fall on deaf ears, as Ho Ching will most likely pay no heed to any form of backlash she has received.

But with Ho Ching being so vocal lately on advising and commenting on issues of national interest, questions arise as to whether this really was a signal of her intention to join politics. After all, we are entering Elections season.

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