Why PAP Not Sued By Town Councils For Mismanaged Funds In Lehman Brothers and AIM Scandal?

By now, Singaporeans would have known that the WP was sued by a proxy of the Town Council represented for allegedly misappropriating Town Council funds in their management of the Aljunied Town Council. And by now, Singaporeans would have known that the Court has ruled that the WP, specifically Low Thia Kiang, Sylvia Lim and Pritam Singh, were guilty.

However, by now, Singaporeans can guess by now that the proxy of the Town Council acted on behalf of the higher powers, as part of their fixing the opposition mantra. As they cannot stick the WP with criminal law, they had to depend on civil suits. But if we are true Singaporeans, why stop there? If they can take the WP to task for what was basically something WP had no choice but to do, why can’t we take the PAP to task for their mismanagement of the Town Councils?

We know that WP MPs paid the MA more than market price. as they had no choice with the view that the ruling party would scheme and fix opposition, which happened. They got bitten in Hougang before. Hence, appoint someone they could trust albeit paying a higher premium. This practice is not new. The PAP is also guilty of such practice of giving contracts to their own supporters. Were the TCs that lost millions of residents money in Lehman Bro investment, made to repay the losses? Why not? Wasn’t this also a lack of fiduciary duty on the PAP’s part?

And don’t ever forget the AIM saga, where the PAP appointed a $2 start-up company AIM, headed by former PAP MPs, to run the Town Council operating system. This was also swept under the carpet after the initial uproar. They got away with it, as always.

Singapore is well-known for our intolerance towards abuse of power. As such, all political leaders, PAP or opposition, should be scrutinized for lapses in their fiduciary duties, on the basis of AGO reports and taken to tasks. People’s power should eradicate all forms of intimidation, bullying and covering up by those in the corridors of power. We must take a stand!

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