Netizens Show Unanimous Support For Pritam Singh In His Online Battle With PAP Lackey Chua Eng Leong

If PAP grassroots adviser thought that he could get one over his Aljunied conqueror Pritam Singh and the WP over the time it took to get the residents ramp up, then he should go back to his notes. In his effort to hit back at Pritam Singh over what he claims as unsubstantiated comments about the the delay in the completion of a barrier-free-access (BFA) ramp at Blk 108 Bedok Reservoir Road, he was instead called out by netizens for his bully tactics.

Chua had claimed that Mr Singh’s allegations are “politically divisive and factually inaccurate”, and he decided to respond to it in order to maintain a “level of accountability” to the people of Singapore. However, instead of brownie points he thought he had scored over Pritam, netizens called out on his attempts to make himself famous.

Some questioned why only now Chua started saying something, and even questioned who he was in the first place, as residents had never heard of him or seen him, except only when the elections draws near. Some also questioned his need to juxtapose the ramp issue to that of AHTC’s court case, with comments stating that he needed to use another case to cover up Chua’s own incapability to produce result.

Not only that, but Singaporeans now are awoken to the fact that what Pritam claimed was correct, in that the PAP tries all means to underwhelm WP’s efforts to make lives in their wards better. Questions are also being raised on why an elected MP has to get permission from a losing PAP candidate for approvals. Seems like whether PAP wins or lose, their candidates will always maintain a position of power in the very ward they lost.

So, if Chua thought that he had scored a moral victory over Pritam, then it totally backfired on him. He has now been outed out as nothing more but another noisy PAP grassroots leader, who only has one job, and that is to fix the opposition.

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